Using Our Collections

Who counts as a “researcher”?

Our researchers range from high school students to professional academics. We welcome everyone interested in LGBTQ history to take advantage of our resources.

How can I access the Rainbow History Project’s physical archives?

We have an ongoing partnership with the D.C. History Center. They provide a permanent repository and researcher access, while RHP collects and organizes the paper collections. In order to use these materials, researchers should make arrangements to visit its Kiplinger Research Library.  RHP physical archives available include:

  • Over 60 archival collections for onsite research:
  • LGBTQ-related publications:

    • BGM, 1989-1991 (P3798);
    • Black / Out: The Magazine of the National Coalition of Black Lesbians and Gays, 1986-1989 (P3746);
    • Blacklight: BL, 1979-1982 (P3797);
    • Blade, 1970-1996 (P4092)
    • Come Out Fighting: The Newspaper of the Lavender and Red Union, (P 4429);
    • Cruise, (P 5265)
    • Dorian Book Quarterly, 1964 (P3762);
    • From the Center: A Publication of the Gay and Lesbian Community Center, (P 5153)
    • The Furies, 1972-1973 (P3796);
    • The Gay alternative, 1973 (P3764);
      • Issue 8, only
    • Habari-Daftari: The Newsmagazine of the National Coalition of Black Gays, (P 4438);
    • The James White Literary Review (P 2018.August.08)
    • The Ladder, 1968 (P3763);
    • Lambda Rising Book Report (RHP Index).  (P 5264)
    • (P 2017) is not part of RHP MS 0764; separate donor
    • (P 5264) are the RHP donations
    • Magnus: A Journal of Collective Faggotry (P 4437);
    • Mattachine review, 1955-1964 (P3761);
    • Metro Weekly, (P 4573)
    • Michael’s Entertainment Weekly (P 5150);
    • Motive (P 4439);
    • One magazine, 1953-1967 (P3760);
    • The Other Pages, (P 4412) see also (P 5259);
    • Out Magazine  (P 5258)  
    • Mapping courtesy of Washingtoniana DCPL (c. 2001)
    • Reel Affirmations (P 5268)
    • Silk Road (P 2018.August.08)  
    • P 1716 Survey of Recent DC GLBT History
      • a 45-page printed slide show by RHP.
    • TAGG Magazine (P 5277)
    • Vector, 1967-1976 (P3765);
    • The Whole Gay Catalog (P 5267)
    • Women in the Life: The Premiere Women’s Monthly (P 5266)
    • Woman’s Monthly: a periodical calendar for the women’s community, 1992-2005 (P3759);

Are there any Rainbow History Project resources available online?

We have digitized over a thousand items at our Archives Online. The Archives Online also contain catalog entries for our Oral History Collection, which are available to researchers by request (

We also invite researchers to take advantage of our Places & Spaces Database, which tracks the addresses of places and spaces of key importance to our communities.