Oral History Transcript: Dr. Bonnie Morris

You know, I read To Kill A Mockingbird when I was nine and various other classics of literature that talked about the awkward separate spheres for men and women. I know that I longed to go back in time and punch out anyone who said you can’t do this because you’re a girl and I always wondered why the girls in these stories didn’t stand up to authority and say this is bullshit.

– Bonnie Morris, as interviewed by Rebecca Day. Full transcript available on our online archives.

We are delighted to publicize the full transcript of Dr. Bonnie Morris’s recent oral history interview. Dr. Morris, a local writer and professor, provides a vivid personal and political narrative: from her birth on May 14, 1961 (the day on which “the Freedom Riders arrived in Birmingham, Alabama and were set on fire”) to present. Dr. Morris covers her early life experiences, her coming out, her education, her work, and her political and cultural involvement. The interview is a terrific example of the ways in which our oral history collection contributes color and texture to the history of our community.

Thanks to Rainbow History volunteer Rebecca Day for her terrific work collecting, transcribing and cataloging this interview, and to Dr. Morris for sharing her stories.

The audio file for this oral history, as well recordings of our 158 other digitized oral histories, are available upon request (info@rainbowhistory.org.).