Photos: Lost Lesbian Spaces Panel


(Dr. Bonnie Morris shares a photo of herself and her students at the Hung Jury, one of the “lost lesbian spaces” discussed in the panel. Photo by Sarah Welz Geselowitz.)

On Tuesday, June 16, the Rainbow History Project partnered with LC-GLOBE to present the lunchtime panel “Lost Lesbian Spaces,” which grappled with the swift disappearance of local lesbian spaces such as bookstores and bars since the 1980s. Dr. Bonnie Morris traced the history of the changing cultural landscape through images, while Denise Bump shared her perspective as former owner of the now-closed local women’s bookstore Lammas. In a Q&A session, members of the audience contributed their own thoughts, as well as memories of the “lost lesbian spaces.”

The panel opened questions such as: how will we remember recent lesbian history? What new lesbian spaces will emerge as the old ones disappear?

You can find photos of the event at our Photo Journal in the album titled “RHP Panel: Lost Lesbian Spaces.”

Check out the following highlights, contributed by Richard Haight:


(Sign announcing event.)


(Panelists Denise Bump and Bonnie Morris.)


(Audience members.)