2014 Annual Report released

We’ve just published our 2014 Annual Report, and it was a phenomenal year to review! You can read the entire report here (2014) or download it and previous years’ reports from our “About Us” page.

Our 2014 accomplishments—an expanded volunteer corps, more efficient and effective website, growing oral history and physical document collections—leave us well positioned to provide even greater service in 2015 and beyond.  Some highlights from 2014 include:

  • New collections received, processed, and available for researchers
  • Public events, panel discussions, and walking tours for hundreds of community members
  • More oral histories have been collected to preserve vital community stories
  • We helped more researchers than ever to access materials about our history

Looking forward to 2015 and beyond, we can say our collaborative efforts are growing: board member Bonnie Morris is coordinating with Erin Hawkins and Denise Bump to present a panel on “Lost Lesbian Spaces in DC,” which will be take place during June at the Library of Congress and be co-sponsored by the Library of Congress GLOBE.  As our collections gain recognition, more community leaders have approached us about donating their papers and more and more researchers are turning to us as a source for historical DC LGBT documents.  It looks like a phenomenal year ahead!