Request for Community Pioneer Nominations

Rainbow History Project invites all members and allies of the many LGBT communities in Metropolitan Washington DC to nominate individuals to be considered for recognition as Community Pioneers. The public may submit nominations using the linked Google Form.

Rainbow History Project’s mission is to collect, preserve, and promote the history and culture of metropolitan DC’s many LGBT communities. These many and diverse communities have been built and nurtured by the efforts over many decades of tens of thousands of individuals. But there are a small number of individuals whose creativity, persistence, and achievements in the construction and maintenance of LGBT institutions and culture are so notable that they merit special recognition.

One important way the Rainbow History Project does this is to recognize our community pioneers and to educate the general public about their contributions. To date, we have honored 77 individuals. Information about their contributions can be found on our website, We plan to hold an event during the first quarter of 2021 to honor a new class of community pioneers. It may be in-person or virtual, depending on the course the pandemic takes.

Given our diverse communities, there is no way that the Rainbow History Project corps of volunteers could by itself could be fully aware of all the important work that has been done and continues to be done in and around DC. We therefore actively seek input from you and our broader LGBT community. Rainbow History Project invites you to nominate individuals to be considered for recognition as Community Pioneers. Please submit your nominations using this attached Google Form.

Please help us honor those individuals who have done so much by completing this Google nomination form.

For more information, please contact