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m o t i v e

In 1972, the last issue of the Methodist magazine Motive was issued in two parts, one for lesbians and one for gay men.

The Washington, DC lesbian feminist collective, The Furies, put together this lesbian issue, assembling it in the basement of the house on 11th St SE.   The issue included photography by Joan Biren (JEB).  Furies members Ginny Berson, Rita Mae Brown, Charlotte Bunch, Sharon Deevey, Helaine Harris, Nancy Myron and Coletta Reid were among the authors of articles in the issue.  The issue included images by JEB and Nancy Myron.

The entire issue is now online in Adobe .pdf files (you will need Adobe Reader to view the files).  The issue has been broken down into eight sections.  Even scanned as .pdf files, these sections are large and will take time to load if you are using a dial-up service.

Section 1, pages 1 through 5: cover by Ginger Legato; editorial by the Furies; table of contents with photo by JEB
Section 2, pages 6 through 10:  What Every Lesbian Should Know by Charlotte Bunch and Rita Mae Brown, drawing by Wendy Cadden, photo by Lin Stephan, pen and ink by Wendy Cadden
Section 3, pages 11 through 19: woodcut by Maria, Edward the Dyke by Judy Grahn, drawing by Lynda Koolish, pen and ink by Nancy Adair; poetry by Rita Mae Brown and Sharon Deevey; photograph by Selina Martin; Baby Don't Live Here Anymore by Helaine Harris, photo by Virginia Blaisdell; Notes of an Old Gay, drawing by Wendy Cadden
Section 4, pages 20 through 29:  poetry by Harriette Frances, Pat Ouellet, Judy Grahn; Romaine Brooks: Thief of Souls by Michela Griffo; image by Chasseress; ... At Least You Could Act Like Ladies! by Katz, photo by Marian Thacher, photos by Ellen Shumsky
Section 5, pages 30 through 41: poetry by Heather, Alta, pen and ink by Nancy Myron; Mr and Mrs Strangelove by Maude; Lace Curtains and a Plastic Jesus by Nancy Myron, linoleum cut by Glenda Jones, drawing by Lynne Panico; My Thinking with Gertrude Stein with My Thinking by Nancy Adair, drawing by Nancy Adair
Section 6, pages 42 through 52: poetry by Judith McCombs, photo by Valentine; "Mr., I'd Rather Do It Myself" by Judy Winsett with photos and captions by JEB; If That's All There Is by Del Martin, pen and ink by Nancy Myron; poetry by Elsa Gidlow; Reformism: The Politics of Ostriches by Ginny Berson photo by Selina Martin; poetry by Fran Winant
Section 7, pages 53 through 60: Motherhood Is Powerless by Coletta Reid, photo by JEB; Bringing Up Children in the Gay Community from the South, photo by Virginia Blaisdell; The Last Straw by Rita Mae Brown, silk screen by B. Vogel
Section 8, pages 61 through 68:  ads, bibliography, list of contacts; pen and ink by Nancy Myron; pen and ink by B. Vogel