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m o t i v e

In 1972, the last issue of the Methodist magazine Motive was issued in two parts, one for lesbians and one for gay men.

The Washington, DC gay liberation front collective, The Skyline Collective, a Gay Liberation Front collective, helped put together this gay male liberation issue.  Among GLF members involved with the issue were David Aiken (a future member of the Stonewall Nation Media Collective, an officer of the Washington Area Gay Community Council, and an occasional correspondent of The Advocate) and journalist Brian Miller.

The cover of the issue reproduces in three images David Aiken's photo of DC Gay Liberation Front members and friends in the street for Christopher Street Liberation Day, 1971, in New York City.  The same photo was used in May 1972 for the GLF-DC-organized Pride Days poster and flyer.

The photo shows  (l to r) Jim Lawrence (GLF), Moonbeam (aka Paul Bartels), Bruce Pennington (GLF) in 'gender-fuck' in the middle,
an unidentified man, and Theodore Kirkland (GLF) on the right.

The entire issue is now online in Adobe .pdf files (you will need Adobe Reader to view the files).  The issue has been broken down into five sections.  Even scanned as .pdf files, these sections are large and will take time to load if you are using a dial-up service.

Section 1, pages 1 through 3: cover by David Aiken; inside cover from the Fag Rag; table of contents; editorial Approaching Lavender by Roy Eddey and Michael Ferri (GLF-DC)
Section 2, pages 4 through 14:  St. Tarcissus Was a Sissy by Daniel Shaunessey, drawing by William Geoghegan; Homosexual Sonnets by Kenneth Pitchford; Beyond Rhetoric by John Preston with watercolors and pen and ink by Kenneth Pitchford
Section 3, pages 15 through 31: What Price Manhood by Paul Mariah (1971); Who Are the Flaming Faggots by Kenneth Pitchford, artwork by Kenneth Pitchford; Letters: A Family Portrait by Chris Douglasm line drawings by Kenneth Pitchford; Gays on Campus by Warren Blumenfeld, photo by Steve Behrens, drawing by Fag Rag; On Being Black and Gay in Prison:"There is no humanity' by Ortez Alderson; Mr Euclid/Father Geometry by Paul Mariah; Finding Ourselves Coming Out by Sweet Basil Razzle-Dazzle, art by Fag Rag;
Section 4, pages 32 through 48:  centerfold art by Fag Rag; The Orderly by Robbie Skeist; Feeling Free Enough to Be ... Ourselves, photos by David Aiken; poems by James Mitchell and Benny McAdams; In America, All Men Were Created Straight by Perry Brass, drawings and lettering by Perry Brass; I've Never Been to Majorca by Kenneth Pitchford; Dethroning the King by David L. Aiken, photo by David Aiken;
Section 5, pages 49 through : On Our Own: Gay Men in Consciousness-raising Groups, by group of nine New York GLF men, drawing by Perry Brass; poems When I Think About My Brothers from the Past and I Do Not Want to Be Alone by Perry Brass, drawing by William Geoghegan; poem For Sterling with Love and Resentment by Chris Douglas; Surviving Psychotherapy by James Coleman, drawing by Kenneth Pitchford; advertisements; International List of Gay Groups, Places, & Things